Stop Making Apps, Build Bots Instead!

Are you still developing new apps for your customers? Maybe it’s time to stop and explore new technology instead. Web and mobile applications are definitely designed to make our lives easier, but somehow, they seem to be making it complex. People are finding it tougher to weave through websites and go to a million different mobile apps to get things done. Working their way through these cluttered services appears to be rather inefficient and anxiety-inducing. The fundamental principle is therefore changing, to offer something more simple, quick and efficient to customers. That’s where chatbots step in. These conversational computer programs lend a new, fresh take on the digital front. Let’s take a look at the advantages of bots vis-a-vis the traditional web landscape. 1.Apps offer static, impersonal user interfaces Chatbots offer a more humane interface that’s conversational, personalized, and seems natural. People feel like they’re talking to a human and that makes them feel more comfortable. 2. You need several different apps to provide multiple services Websites and apps offer a lot of information to help provide different services to the customer. All this can be clubbed and offered via a single bot, which functions as virtual assistant, customer care executive, and so much more. 3. Apps need to be downloaded, updated regularly, and users need to sign up/login every time How many times have you found customers who skipped signing in or were wary about downloading a new app. Bots can interact with them without any installation or sign in requirements. 4. Apps are expensive to build Believe it or not, bots are relatively cheaper to build. Building apps on Android and iOS platforms is actually more difficult and expensive than creating a chatbot on a bot builder. As we all know, messaging apps are very poplar right now. For e.g. Facebook Messenger is currently used by over 1 billion people each month. This means businesses must learn how to chat with their customers on such platforms, but that’s not entirely possible simply by deploying human executives. You can create a Facebook bot for messenger instead, and communicate with your customers immediately and efficiently. As machine learning and artificial intelligence get better, more and more businesses will implement chatbots to reap their benefits. With the app economy being on the verge of saturation, chatbots will help you discover a new way to connect with customers.

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