How technology enhances your living in 2019

Humans were the one to discover technology to diverge the way of living in a better way, and now, technology is changing our lives day by day. When we talk about today’s world, there are many people out there who would not imagine going through the day without checking their mobile phones. Technology has always been a remarkable resource and tool by putting access to any information on our fingertips.

There is no stopping of these innovations. The technology coming in the few years would definitely be more interesting than what it is now. Technology is always neutral after every innovation is made related to any field that can be used for evil or good purpose. Yet, technology is more focused into the inventions to reduce waste and hunger. Let us look at the factors where technology has made us astonished.

Introduction to AI and its growth

Artificial intelligence is grabbing attention beyond imagination. It can impact everything, starting from HR activities to measure goods in retail. More than 30% of organizations are using security systems that are powered by AI technology for accurate and better outcomes. It is figured that 60% of enterprises will AI-powered system just by the next year.

Among the rising technology, without any doubt, AI will have the greatest impact in the field of business. 2019 would be the year to notice how affecting AI could be in the future.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality is not a very new technology, but it will be used in a field other than just entertainment, i.e., sports or video games but also in areas such as military, shopping, medical, retail, etc. Many developers are experienced and more familiar with AR and VR to produce apps for customers easily.

Tech being the main attraction

Today, technology is being watched closely. Not just the attracting innovations but how organizations are taking those innovations in use and growing being protected in a cyber world. No developer misses the use of artificial intelligence while producing new technology.

The innovations regarding the year 2019 should also be enlightened. A ‘Nail Gun’ instead of a hammer, a ‘Power Roll,’ that refills itself with paint, dry and wet vacuum cleaner and for much more visit this URL and look up to the best developments taken place so far.

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