How to be sure of the best software use

The development of custom software has become a key pillar in the digitization of companies. Digitization in the company and its internal processes improves the online presence and its ability to respond to market changes.

The global market in which it is been operated demands constant computerization in companies. This has led to the development of customized software systems, much more specific and focused on the real professional needs of each sector, market or niche in which they operate.

But what doesit mean when it is been talked about custom software? It defines as those computer programs that are designed and developed following the specific and concrete needs of each business. The objective is to improve, control and manage decision-making. In this way, the internal processes of the organization are improved, as well as the services provided to customers, optimizing the resources and costs allocated to this.

When do you need a custom development?

Although the benefits of having technological solutions developed to measure to facilitate the daily operations of organizations are clear, multiple options must be evaluated in advance. There are different scales based on which it may pay to opt for generic solutions or software based on the needs of the company. Some situations from which the business could be considered to develop and implement custom software are:

  • Existing technology solutions are not perfectly suited to the daily tasks or operations of the organization.
  • A custom development allows a competitive advantage in the processes. That allow optimizing resources, improving products and services or offering a better customer experience.
  • You have very clear procedures that will not have major modifications over time and that can also be improved through this new development.
  • In recent years, the number of companies that implement their own custom software has constantly increased, since they have a large number of advantages and benefits, and development times and costs are less and less.

If you have been convinced to implement it, at Velvetech they are specialized in custom software development. At Velvetech they consider it essential that the client is informed of the process at all times of the evolution of their customized software.


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