11 Major improvements in air conditioning

There’s nothing like walking home from a hot summer afternoon and turning on the air conditioner to cool off. Fortunately, air conditioning systems have come a long way in the last decade too. Great strides have been made in increasing the comfort of homes, business offices, hospitals and many other places. Also, more efficient cooling methods can save you money. For those looking to get really cool at any time, here are 11 great improvements to air conditioning over the past 10 years.

Automatic system

The AC system can be switched on and off for a long time with an automatic system. However, over the last decade, air conditioning systems have been able to use automatic technology to change the temperature in each room. This system takes into account the temperature in the room and adjusts it as needed. This not only ensures uniform low temperatures throughout the house, but also saves money by not constantly pumping out a lot of energy.

Cellular access

With the help of smartphones, it’s easier than ever to control your home, even when you’re on the move or not at home. The mobile app allows users to monitor their AC devices to ensure that they are not turned on when they leave the house in the morning for work. In addition, customers can change the temperature at home by accessing their cell phones and not even having to get up from the sofa.

Improvements in HVAC systems

The HVAC system protects the environment while maintaining indoor air quality. Without a proper HVAC system, unsafe air can be pumped through buildings in homes or businesses. Fortunately, technology has introduced HVAC machines to filter air more efficiently while reducing energy costs.


Air conditioning operation can be expensive. In summer, energy prices can be higher and it costs money to maintain the device throughout the day. Fortunately, solar energy has made the use of air conditioning more efficient. This solar system can store energy and then use it to power the AC system. In a study conducted at the University of Santa Clara, students showed that consumption of this energy can reduce natural gas consumption by up to 70%. While this is good news for large buildings, moving is also welcome.

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats may be something we expect on the market today, but this is not always the case in all homes and offices. In contrast, this relatively new technology is becoming the standard, but it still works. Over the past 10 years, programmable thermostats have made it easier for people to adjust the temperature at specific times of the day rather than having to change how hot or cold a room is with an inefficient watch face.

Larger thermostatic filter

The programmable thermostat is only enhanced by a visual display. LG is the industry leader in thermostat displays, offering options for up to 10 inches in visible space. This screen makes it easy to see the temperature in each room, change a specific temperature, and even see how much energy is used.

Air conditioner with split system

Although an automatic LG Air Conditioning system could be a relatively new technology, it would not be possible without shared air conditioning. This system is connected to a home or business and can then regulate the temperature in each room. For example, a hospital can easily change the temperature in each patient’s room to make sure everyone is comfortable and safe.

Smart air conditioner for windows

General Electric is currently working on a device that allows windows to become the source of temperature control in your home. And while window air conditioners are nothing new, GE took the time to demonstrate how useful this system is. The smart window is also great because it can sync with your smartphone and only lights up when you’re near it.

Smart ventilation slot

Another smart technology that is being introduced is smart air ventilation. These openings open and close depending on room temperature. Instead of having to install a completely new air conditioner with a split system, smart ventilation can help regulate multiple temperatures at the same time.

Electric grid system

Households and individual companies are not the only ones benefiting from advances in air conditioning. On the contrary, electric grid systems have been introduced to manage energy consumption in certain cities. Knowing this information will help you determine energy where it is most needed. We hope this will help reduce the energy consumption of countries in general.

Dual control of vehicle temperature

Your home or office isn’t the only place you feel comfortable. So it is great that the air conditioning also improves in the car. Many vehicles are now equipped with temperature control options that let everyone choose the temperature they want. Although moms and dads prefer the front of the car to a comfortable 80 degree temperature, children who sweat while playing soccer can raise the temperature in the rear to a more comfortable level.

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